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What We Do

We are a family run business based in the heart of Wiltshire. We have been in the reclamation business for 17 years to date, allowing us to gather extensive experience and knowledge within the industry. This enables us to buy and sell only the best reclaimed building materials and architectural antiques in the UK

It all began for Beechfield Reclamation when Mike spotted a hole in the market. Being from a construction and engineering background he had a vast array of knowledge about both industries, allowing him to see what lacked. He noticed that despite all of the new construction projects nationwide, there is also an endless amount of historic properties that require renovation and therefore supplying reclaimed materials

Our Services

Building Demolition

We carry out demolition services here at Beechfield, meaning we can salvage some great building materials. We have the required safety equipment and machinery meaning the job can be done efficiently

Product Matching

We have a number of staff members who have great knowledge and a large amount of experience when it comes to building materials and architectural antiques. This means that they can help you match your required product easily and efficiently

Product Sales

We stock and sell a large range of reclaimed building materials and architectural antiques. Being one of the largest suppliers in the South West you are sure to find what your looking for


The Environment is Key

In the future of construction and renovation, the environment is something that must be at the full front of our plans. Using reclaimed materials is a massive positive when it comes to selecting materials for your project as it means that production of new materials is reduced.

The Yard

“Beechfield Reclamation are a premier dealer of reclaimed building materials & architectural antiques”

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Mike Davis

Managing Director

Adrian Matthews

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Elaine Davis

Office Administrator

George Walsh

Yard Worker

Barry Hayne

Door Carpenter

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We are part of the Salvo Code which aims to give customers greater confidence.