Welcome to Beechfield Reclamation


We are Wiltshire's Premier stockist of Reclaimed Building Materials and Architectural Antiques

Here at Beechfield Reclamation we carry out a range of different services:

Product Sales

Here at Beechfield Reclamation we are specialist’s in Reclaimed Building materials and Architectural Antiques. We have a large range of stock here at Beechfield Reclamation, meaning that you are sure to find something you are looking for. Most of our stock is on our website however it would be impossible to list every single item. So please contact us with any enquires.

Product Matching

We can name and match most of the products throughout the reclaimed building trade. We have the ability and resources to acquire materials from all over the UK and Europe. If you are having trouble naming and trying to find a certain brick or tile etc. get in touch and speak to a member of staff.


We are involved in many demolition jobs and source many of our materials from these. However if you are involved in a demolition job and are removing some materials that you think may be of use to us, please contact us

Material Quotes

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Bespoke Woodwork

We make our very own bespoke doors. We can make Oak and Pine internal doors. The doors completely depend on what you want from style, shape and size. We can also make other artefacts like garden gates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any question about what we can make.

Stone Masonry

We have our very own stone mason. He can produce anything made from stone, from Flagstone fire hearths to architectural masonry. He can also can engrave existing stone. If you want anything done with stone he’s the man. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Product Sales Process

There is a number of stages that are involved from when we salvage materials to the finial product.

Before we salvage any materials, we carry out a full background check to determine the age of the materials and to ensure they are from a genuine source.

We search the country far and wide in order to source some of the best materials and antiques. This is possible due to a number of contacts in the industry. We pride ourselves in our stock meaning that all we know the full history of the product and a number of other details.

Once we have a product at our yard they undergo a certain restoration process to ensure they are ready to be used again.

Depending on the product we carry out different tasks accordingly. For example with salvaged wooden flooring a certain procedure is undertaken the process of de-nailing, planing and sanding is all carried out to ensure the flooring is then ready to be easily fitted to in your required property.

At this stage the product has had any work carried out that was required along with being sorted and selected ready for the end user.

When the product has gone through the required stages we ensure that it is perfect for the end user (yourself) this means that the product/products have been sorted and selected to ensure only the best materials enter your building.

We ensure that we get a large amount of our current stock across a number of platforms so that you as the customer can view them.  This means that you can view our current stock on our website and in our yard.